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Your crew. Your crib. Your cocktails.

Your crew.
Your crib.
Your cocktails.

Participate in a virtual cocktail class from the comfort of your home. Our international award-winning bartender will teach you how the pros sling drinks. He’ll guide you and your friends through how to make two delicious cocktails using simple ingredients.

It’s also a pretty good excuse to drink with friends when you’re at home social distancing.

As Featured In

As Featured In

What You Get

Tailored Recipes

We customize the cocktails to match your taste profile. We’ll send you a short shopping list a few days before the class with all of the ingredients you’ll need.

Technical Coaching

We work with you to teach you how to properly perform cocktail mixing techniques to make delicious drinks every time.

Up to 20 Screens

We send you a Zoom link for you to invite all your friends to share the experience with.

What You Need

We make this as simple as possible. Most people already have everything they need. As long as you’ve got something to shake with, something to strain with and a bunch of ice, we’ll make it work.

How it Works

Harry will work with you to create a two cocktail menu.

We’ll provide an ingredient list prior to the class, send you a Zoom link and guide you through a roughly 45 minute session teaching you how to make both drinks.

Let us know if you’d like to customize the experience.

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Your Bartender

Harry Hanson is not a mixologist. He doesn’t wear a lab coat, he doesn’t wear a mask or gloves (except when he leaves his house these days…) He is a bartender, an award-winning one at that, who wants nothing more than to help you get through this historical event called 2020.  

He’s slung drinks at some of the best bars and restaurants in Toronto and all over East London, UK. He spent a year teaching cocktail classes all over the UK but in light of current events he has decided to take his talents to the internet.


"Harry curated an amazing menu based on my favourite drinks and taught my friends and I a bunch of tips to recreate them, which we’ve been doing every night since!"
- Molly G.

Harry was so awesome. Everyone had a completely different set of ingredients but he made it work with whatever we had and they all tasted great!
- Nat F.

"Harry did a class for my girlfriend and her friends for her birthday. The most fun we've had since social distancing started."
- Coby S.

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